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Central Memorial High
  Baseball, FlexSports,
  Hockey, Lacrosse,

Senator Patrick Burns
  Baseball, Hockey

RT Alderman
  Hockey, Soccer

Please contact
Roger Wolfe at

To request an application,
please send an email,
with school and sport you
are looking for, to:

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If you are interested in becoming a National Sport Academy student athlete, you will participate in a two part selection process.

An athlete's initial performance will be assessed in the following:

The athlete's ongoing performance will be assessed based on development and improvement in the previously described areas.


Student athletes must have demonstrated a commitment to personal academic excellence.

Performance and commitment to the program will be reviewed on an annual basis by National Sport Academy coaching staff and communicated to parents and players in a coach / parent / player meeting. This review will be taken into consideration when the athletes National Sport Academy re-application is submitted for the next year.

Special consideration for selection to the National Sport Academy may be given due to injury of other relevant circumstances.

An athlete's ongoing commitment to the program will be partially determined by their attendance at National Sport Academy sessions.

Athletes will be expected to take part in performance testing set out by the National Sport Academy.

Character references and sport references provided by the athlete will be taken into consideration.

Possible exceptions may be taken into consideration.


Application Process & Timelines


We do encourage you to get your application in as soon as possible as acceptance into the National Sport Academy program is dependent upon availability in your sport, grade and school requested.

Once your application is received, you will be contacted in a timely fashion to set up a personal/interview meeting. Should you require us to fast track your acceptance, please feel free to ask for a quick decision when you submit your application.

National Sport Academy application packages are available at the School Open Houses or via mail, fax or e-mail.  Please call 403-777-3646 or email to have one sent to you.



Baseball: Grades 7-9


Baseball: Grades 10-12


FlexSports: Grades 10-12








National Sport Academy “Gear Up Package” is a mandatory purchase for all student athletes. The costs are reflected in the payment schedule of each application. If you are accepted into the National Sport Academy, you will receive an order form for size selection so your “Gear Up Package” is ready for you when you start with the National Sport Academy in September 2017.