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Central Memorial High
  Baseball, FlexSports,
  Hockey, Lacrosse,

Senator Patrick Burns
  Baseball, Hockey

RT Alderman
  Hockey, Soccer

Please contact
Roger Wolfe at

To request an application,
please send an email,
with school and sport you
are looking for, to:

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National Sport Academy student athletes attend regular academic classes at one of the three National Sport Academy school locations. The National Sport Academy coaches understand the often overwhelming demands placed on young student athletes as they try to balance their passion for participating in sports, at a competitive level, with the academic requirements placed on them during and after school hours. Academics are considered to be a top priority at the National Sport Academy and teachers and coaches work collaboratively with the student athletes encouraging them to take responsibility for managing time, completing assignments, preparing for exams and negotiating flexible deadlines with their teachers.


While there are many ways to teach learning skills and habits, the National Sport Academy Coaching and Leadership curriculum has been specifically designed and delivered to meet the needs of competitive student athletes in pursuit of their academic, athletic and life goals. National Sport Academy student athletes are highly motivated learners with a passion for peak performance in sport and in school. Transferring this interest into the daily lives of students requires a dynamic curriculum that encompasses a variety of interesting and relevant topics including: