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National Sport Academy Golf Program

The National Sport Academy offers an exciting and unique training experience for student athletes wanting to achieve their golf and academic goals!

The National Sport Academy was established in 1995 as a unique and specialized learning environment within the public high school setting, giving the student athlete an opportunity to train during school hours. The Golf Program was added in 2005.

The Golf Program is focused on helping junior golfers achieve their goals in the sport, whether that be playing golf at the collegiate or professional level, or helping them hone their skills so they can enjoy the game more with family and friends.

“The National Sport Academy Golf Program was key in helping me achieve my dream of playing NCAA golf.”
Emmett Oh, University of Houston, National Sport Academy Graduate

The National Sport Academy Golf Program (NSA Golf Program) has helped student athletes achieve their goals of playing for; Team Alberta, NCAA and University & College golf in Canada. These include the following players:

What is the National Sport Academy at Central Memorial High School?

The NSA Golf Program is an opportunity for aspiring golfers to combine both golf and academics by participating in the National Sport Academy Golf Program as a regular high school class each day. The National Sport Academy coaches communicate and encourage skill development and training habits to deliver success at the Junior Level and beyond.

Who should attend The National Sport Academy Golf Program?

The NSA Golf Program at Central Memorial High School is for motivated student athletes who are focused on golf and interested in realizing their potential as junior golfers. The NSA Golf Program supports athletes looking to do their personal best both on the golf course and in the classroom.

What are the components of the NSA Golf Program?

The program consists of three different components, Sport Training, Strength and Conditioning Sessions, and Coaching and Leadership Sessions.

Sport Training Sessions.
These training sessions are designed to improve all aspects of the athlete's golfing abilities.
These sessions focus on full swing technique, short game, and improving golf swing knowledge. These sessions will incorporate Trackman Swing Analysis, and Video Swing Analysis.

Sport On Course Sessions
These training sessions are designed to improve on course performance. Focus will be on course management, emotional self control, how to score, developing a game plan and game execution.

Strength & Conditioning Sessions.
Personalized training plans are created for each athlete, with a focus on mobility and stability.

Coaching & Leadership Sessions
Classroom training sessions & projects focusing on personal conduct, sportsmanship, leadership, goal setting, tournament planning, recruiting timelines, golf resumes, nutrition, sport performance guidelines and decision making.

Why should you attend the NSA Golf Program?

Make golf your favorite class of the day.  Develop your skills in an environment where you will have fun, laugh and learn.  You will experience innovative training sessions from a coaching staff who are constantly furthering their education.  Train like a PGA Tour Player with Trackman Technology.  Practice all aspects of your game with range, course and classroom sessions.  Train during the school day to allow more time to focus on homework and social & family commitments in the evenings.  Experience a positive and supportive learning environment.  Improve your skills to be ready to excel at the next stage of competition. Develop time management skills so that you can excel academically.

When is the NSA Golf Program?

The National Sport Academy training occurs Monday through Friday in the afternoon periods during the school year. On Course sessions (spring & fall) are scheduled for the last class of the day and usually extend into after-school time.


Coach Workman is an accredited coach through the PGA Of Canada (CNC Trained) and a Titleist Performance Institute Level 2 Junior Coach.   He is also the Head Coach of the Alberta Golf Boy’s Developmental Team.  He has assisted in Alberta Golf Training Camps, and was the coach of the Boy's Junior America's Cup Team in 2013.   In 2012 Luke was awarded the PGA of Alberta's Junior Leader of the Year Award.  His students have played on Team Alberta, Team Canada, and have achieved NCAA scholarships.

*Once you are accepted into the National Sport Academy Golf Program, you will receive additional information and final fees for the mandatory golf apparel package.


National Sport Academy Golf Bag