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How do you make the National Sport Academy Hockey Program your favorite class of the day?

What is...
     the National Sport Academy Hockey Program?

Hockey group on iceAn opportunity for aspiring hockey players to combine both athletics and academics by participating in the National Sport Academy Hockey Program as a regular school class each day. The National Sport Academy coaches work together with student athletes to help them understand exactly what it takes to “achieve their dreams” by teaching them what is required to live the lifestyle of a successful high performance student athlete.

Who should...
     consider the National Sport Academy Hockey Program?

The National Sport Academy Hockey Program is for hockey athletes in grades 5 to 12. The goal is to have players on the ice with common skills that require similar time and space to execute skills and tactics. In the past, players in the top 20-30% for their age have typically been accepted into the National Sport Academy Hockey Program. Evaluations are held to assess the players’ skills. High Performance 1 (HP1) playing at AA or AAA. High Performance 2 (HP2) striving to play high level community or AA/AAA.

Why should...
     I attend the National Sport Academy Hockey Program?

  • Professional, dedicated coaches.
  • Quality purposeful practices. Practice makes permanent, perfect practice makes perfect.
  • Learn and improve advanced individual skills, tactics and team tactics.
  • Learn and improve read, react, and decision making skills.
  • Position specific coaching - goaltending, defense, forward.
  • Repetition for continued development in preparation for decreased time and space on the ice.
  • Take the necessary risks to develop the advanced individual skills, tactics, and team tactics.
  • Coaching & Leadership to learn and develop the lifestyle on and off the ice in order to achieve your dreams and goals.
  • Strength & Conditioning to maximize your physical attributes (speed, agility, quickness, power, etc.) as an athlete and hockey player. Minimize or prevent injuries to assist in achieving your goals and dreams.
  • Train during the school day
  • Develop athleticism, create a healthy lifestyle and use the National Sport Academy cross training combined with the other National Sport Academy Hockey Program components to achieve the Alberta Education Learning outcomes for Physical Education.
  • Student of the game. Analyze video of high achieving hockey players to see and understand the individual skills and tactics they possess.
  • Balance in a student athlete’s busy life is critical. Use the flexibility in the program to succeed academically and athletically.
  • Use your National Sport Academy Hockey Program experience towards achieving the learning outcomes in Physical Education and Coaching & Leadership modules to earn over 28 credits in 3 years in Grades 10, 11 and 12.
  • Compare your Performance Testing (fitness testing) to other high achieving hockey student athletes and alumni.

When is...
     the National Sport Academy Hockey class?

Hockey student athletes train during one of the school periods each school day.

What are...
     the components of the National Sport Academy Hockey Program?

Monthly training activities are designed to take place atthe optimum time of year to complement the various phases of the playing season with your team. The National Sport Academy coaches work with each individual student athletes to customize their participation in the training activities based on their personal workload and team training demands.

  • Sport Specific Training (on ice sessions)
  • Coaching & Leadership
  • Strength & Conditioning/Cross Training


What is...
     Sport Specific Training

Technical development focuses on establishing confidence and creativity specific to each player’s (forward, defenseman and goaltender) position:

  • Multi Directional Skating
  • Checking
  • Passing
  • Deceptive Skills
  • Shooting
  • Decision Making & Thinking
  • Puck Control
  • Stance & Movement

Tactical themes are established to increase the athletes’ understanding of and passion for the game, translating to maximum success as student athletes progress throughout the various levels.  Ice sessions incorporate numerous competitive small area games and cutting edge teaching methods so athletes are stimulated and challenged in each ice session.

  • Puck Control/Protection
  • Puck Patience
  • Tactical Assessment
  • Gap Control
  • Delays
  • Escape ability
  • Creativity
  • Angling
  • Offensive/Defensive Width & Depth
  • Time/Space
  • Passing Lane Concepts
  • Transition
  • Face-Offs
  • Shot Blocking

What is...
     Coaching & Leadership?

Coaching & Leadership is a National Sport Academy course designed to connect the student athlete’s experiences in sport (skills and tactics) while highlighting qualities that prepare them for success in life.

Some Sportfolio components are:

  • Dreams & Destinations
  • Ethics in Sport
  • Student of the Game
  • Goal Setting
  • Failing Forward
  • High Performance Lifestyle
  • Leadership
  • High Performance Nutrition
  • Scouting Report
  • Training: Pre-Season, Competitive and Off-Season
  • Routes Choices & Scholarships education
  • NCCP certification

What about...

Please feel free to read this article which explains more about whether hockey burnout is an issue at National Sport Academy: How Much is Too Much?


Where is...
     the National Sport Academy Hockey Program located?

Central Memorial High School, 5111 21 Street SW
Grades 10-12
- Male High Performance 1
- Male High Performance 2
- Female Hockey Program
More questions? Click here to see Frequently Asked Questions

Senator Patrick Burns School, 2155 Chilcotin Road NW
Grades 7-9
More questions? Click here to see Frequently Asked Questions

RT Alderman School, 725 Mapleton Drive SE
Grades 5-9
More questions? Click here to see Frequently Asked Questions

The NSA hockey program was established in 1995 and was the first school based program in Calgary. Over the past 22 years, hundreds of young men and women have graduated from the National Sport Academy and gone on to play Junior A – Tier 1&2, Pro, World Juniors, NCAA and coach at all levels of the game including NCAA , ACAC and CIS.

For more information on the National Sport Academy Hockey program:

  • Call: 403-777-3646

  • Email:

  • Check: