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Along with the mandatory National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP), Calgary Hockey Development also offers certification for coaches in a variety of custom designed Specialty Clinics. These clinics offer coaches an opportunity to further explore the many diverse aspects of "the art of coaching". Each clinic is designed to address the specific needs of your team, individual players and coaches or can be delivered to a larger number of coaches within an association. For further information, a clinic fee estimate, or to book any of the following Specialty Clinics, please contact the Calgary Hockey Development office at (403)777-3646 or

Calgary Hockey Development Specialty Clinics are available for Intro to Hockey level through to AA/AAA.


A 3-hour classroom workshop, "Offensive and Defensive Tactics" provides a solid foundation for understanding skills, tactics and team play as related to offense and defense.


Learning the basic ingredients of offensive and defensive individual and team play is a key to developing on-ice drills and progressions which will help teams maximize their strengths and hide their weaknesses in both ends of the rink.


This clinic can also be broken down into a seperate Offensive Tactics Clinic or Defensive Tactics Clinic.


Calgary Hockey Development recommends two one-hour ice sessions for the Introductory Checking and Body Checking Clinic. Calgary Hockey Development instructors will provide a 5-10 minute chalk talk prior to or immediately following these ice sessions. Coaches are encouraged to attend and actively participate in the ice sessions. Components taught are:


Learning the fundamentals of checking while stressing fun, safety and respect lead to maximum development and enjoyment. Players will learn the necessary basics of checking to provide a foundation for safe and effective checking. Coaches can build on this foundation and continue to work on the concepts during the season.

"The difference between failure and success is doing a thing nearly right and doing a thing exactly right." - Edward Simmons


"Advanced Body Checking" builds on the principles taught in the introductory level. This on-ice clinic is tailored to address individual team needs whether it be Pee Wee, Bantam AA-AAA, Midget AA-AAA or Junior. Calgary Hockey Development recommends two 1-hour sessions for this clinic. Components taught are:


This clinic enables teams to work on identified weaknesses through fun and innovative drills and instruction. Collectively, a Calgary Hockey Development instructor and a team's coach discuss and implement a plan to address these needs.


  1. Community Hockey Workshop
  2. High Performance Workshop (AA-AAA-Junior)

"Practice Planning and Drill Design" involves 4.25 hours (3 classroom hours, 1.25 ice hours) of dynamic learning for coaches.


Designing and running excellent practices is one of the most difficult challenges for a coaching staff. This clinic provides direction and new ideas to assist coaches in not only making practices fun but maximizing player development through good practices. Calgary Hockey Development takes you from the initial stages of practice planning to the final execution of a great practice with positive and specific feedback for all players.

"It takes 12 games to equal the skill development of 1 effective practice!"


Effective Practice Planning is available in level 1, 2, and 3.


Condidered by many as the most stressful time during the hockey season there are many ways to minimize this challenging process. This three-four hour workshop gives coaches a hands-on approach to evaluations.


The objective of an evaluation is to have the players placed on appropriate teams where they will be competitive, challenged, and able to contribute. This workshop helps associations prepare to run and execute high quality, well organized selections. Perception is reality and when associations do a good job they must sell what they've done!

"We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give."


This clinic, designed for coaches and/or players of all levels, provides quality instruction in both the classroom setting and on the ice.

The clinic focuses on the following components:



Goaltending is available in Level 1 and 2.


A clinic tailored for Initiation and Novice level coaches.


This clinic is avaliable in level 1 and 2.

"You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore."


This clinic is tailored for competitive hockey levels but is a great education tool for new coaches also.


  1. Community Hockey Workshop
  2. High Performance Workshop (AA-AAA-Junior)

"Bench Management" is a 4-hour classroom session which encourages coaches to understand the importance of coaching vs. speculating while on the bench. Designed as a classroom workshop, this clinic can be taken further by becoming involved in the Calgary Hockey Development Mentor Program.


This clinic provides an excellent foundation for coaches wanting to learn how to "see and coach the game". From understanding team play, being organized on the bench, providing positive specific feedback to building coach/player relationships; the clinic is a comprehensive look into hockey. Coaches are given a hands-on approach to learning.


Regardless of the age or level of competition, a yearly plan provides direction for the season. This three hour classroom workshop focuses on:


"Yearly Planning" organizes teams to ensure success. Setting goals, knowing what to work on when, and bringing it all together are integral in maximizing a team's abilities and ultimate performance.

"A great coach never graduates."


The Calgary Hockey Development "Coach Mentor Program" enables coaches to access information, ideas and strategies from a mentor in a non-threatening environment. A designated "mentor" will work hand-in-hand with a coaching staff to address specific needs and team goals. Essentially, the Calgary Hockey Development "Mentor Program" is all of our Specialty Clinics wrapped up in one. To achieve maximum results, 6-8 sessions are recommended over the course of the season.

Mentoring is delivered through a combination of one or more of the following methods:


The "Mentor Program" provides one-on-one assistance for coaches. The coach determines what will work best. For example, some coaches want the mentor to be "invisible" and provide a quiet hand while other coaches choose to have the mentor be very included and active with the team. As the founding organization for coach mentoring in Calgary, we have been excited about the very successful teamwork of participants and mentors over the past years.


The National Sport Academy offers a videography service for all sports and athletic events. We have experienced workers who use high-end equipment to produce professional results.


Please call (403)777-3646 for more information.

For more information regarding Calgary Hockey Development Specialty Clinics, please contact us at (403)777-3646 or