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National Sport Academy Soccer Program
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the application process?

There are 4 parts to the application process. The first part is the completion of the National Sport Academy Application Package by the student athlete / parents. Once this application package is received by the National Sport Academy, we will contact you to coordinate an on ice assessment and to set up a meeting with the parents and student athlete. The meeting is to ensure all questions are answered about the National Sport Academy. When these parts of the application process are completed, the Admissions Committee, consisting of National Sport Academy and R. T. Alderman School representatives, review the application and determine if the applicant will be accepted into the program.


Does R.T. Alderman School have to be my designated school in order for me to participate in the National Sport Academy program?

No it doesn’t. Over the years, many students have attended the National Sport Academy that do not have R.T. Alderman School or the Calgary Board of Education as their designated school / school board. Student athletes have come from private, charter and catholic schools as well as Rockyview and Foothills School District.


How does the National Sport Academy training impact the student athlete’s academic classes?

On days when the National Sport Academy trains at Southland Leisure Centre the student athletes are bussed back to R.T. Alderman School and will arrive back at the school at about 9:20 am. R.T. Alderman School has created a flexible period in period 1 for the National Sport Academy student athletes. In addition, to meet the needs of these student athletes, a culture with the teachers in the school has been created to accommodate these student athletes. The student athletes become regular students at R.T. Alderman School and receive all of their core subjects, Physical Education as well as all of their options.


Do the National Sport Academy student athletes take their academic classes as one group of students?
The National Sport Academy student athletes are integrated into the general population at R.T. Alderman School and only come together in the mornings for the National Sport Academy training.


Is transportation provided to R.T. Alderman School in the morning and at the end of the school day? How do student athletes get from home and to and from R.T. Alderman School?

National Sport Academy training occurs in the morning before school so, parents are required to transport their student athlete to the training location which will be Southland Leisure Centre or R.T. Alderman School. After training at Southland Leisure Centre the National Sport Academy busses the student athletes back to R.T. Alderman School.

If R.T. Alderman School is your designated school, you would be eligible for CBE transportation after school.

If R.T. Alderman is not your designated school, student athletes may apply to the Calgary Board of Education as a “Conditional Rider” through already established CBE school bus routes serving existing SPB students. For more information , visit: Student athletes may also utilize Calgary Transit and apply for a Calgary Transit Bus Rebate –


Do National Sport Academy Soccer Program student athletes have to apply and have an on field assessment each year?

No, during the first year in the program we will obviously get to know the student athlete very well. If we have any issues or concerns, we will contact the student athlete’s parents. There is a re-application that is sent out in late January or early February for families to confirm they will be returning to the National Sport Academy and to provide us with any new contact information and emergency contact information.


When does the National Sport Academy training take place during the day?

The training occurs prior to school and the student athletes are bussed back to R.T. Alderman School. They will arrive back to R. T. Alderman about 9:20 am. 2014 -2015 National Sport Academy Hockey Program Timetable / Bell Schedule

2017-2018 National Sport Academy Soccer Program Timetable / Bell Schedule

How do the student athletes get from Southland Leisure Centre to R.T. Alderman School after training?

Student athletes are bussed back to R.T. Alderman School.


How many field sessions (indoor & outdoor) do the student athletes have throughout the year?

We target 75 sessions per year but recognizing there may be school field trips etc. that may result in cancelling some sessions, we schedule closer to 80+ sessions in the spring for the upcoming year and we will typically run 75 – 85 ice sessions.


What type of training experiences are the student athletes exposed to in the National Sport Academy Soccer Program?


Sport Training - Field Sessions

The student athlete experiences a combination of drills, activities and small area games in order to develop their offensive and defensive individual skills / tactics and Game IQ. It is important to work on advanced skills and tactics in a controlled setting but they must also be taken to a competitive game situation where they can learn how to use them.

Competitive small area games and competitive situations within the National Sport Academy Soccer Program sessions provides the opportunity to learn advanced skills and tactics, make mistakes, go do it again and get the coaching and repetitions to achieve improved skills, tactics and Game IQ that can be used with their club teams.

Coaching & Leadership

To develop the complete student athlete, the requirements are more than just the sport specific training. Below are some of the topics that are included in the 6 year National Sport Academy Coaching & Leadership curriculum.

Strength & Conditioning (S & C), Speed Agility Quickness (SAQ) / Cross Training (XT)

Off season training is appropriate and safe for the age of the student athlete. The National Sport Academy training maximizes the effectiveness of the soccer energy systems focusing on injury prevention, strength, power, agility and cardiovascular training. In addition, throughout this period of training, there are cross training activities we feel are important to developing the overall athleticism of each student athlete.


How do we receive feedback on our student athlete’s progress in the National Sport Academy?

The National Sport Academy coaches are available to meet throughout the year when they are not leading training sessions with student athletes. In addition, there will be times throughout the year when we have scheduled individual coach / parent meetings that we hope you will attend. We know these dates and times won’t work for everyone so, we can’t stress enough that we can meet at any time the coaches are not working with student athletes.


Are there information meetings or an open house I can attend to get more information about the National Sport Academy and R.T. Alderman School and meet the staff?

In January and February, the National Sport Academy and R.T. Alderman School host information meetings / open houses for more information on the National Sport Academy program. The 2017 dates for these events are yet to be determined. These dates will also posted on the National Sport Academy website ( and R.T. Alderman School ( website.

Who do I contact for more information?

Roger Wolfe is the Head Coach, National Sport Academy Soccer Program. There are many components to the National Sport Academy Soccer Program and a conversation over the telephone or a meeting in person may be helpful. Contact Roger at 403-777-3646 or by email at

For more information on the National Sport Academy Soccer program: