Coach/Sport Development

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The one critical element most often misunderstood and overlooked in the success of a high performance athlete!

Included in the National Sport Academy program is a complete training program. There is no need to enroll your athlete in any other training programs, at any time during the yTyler Swystun Deadliftear, as the National Sport Academy training program is designed to specifically address the needs of athletes both in-season Training on bikesand in the off season months. The National Sport Academy coaches know the specific needs of your athlete and understand how to effectively train a high performance athlete. During the school year, training takes place in the athletes scheduled sports period and for the athletes in grades 9-12, the training program continues with an optional user-pay segment in July and August. Training facilities include the many options available at all three National Sport Academy schools along with the University of Calgary and Mount Royal College High Performance training facilities.